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"I have reaaly dry skin. I literally needed to moisturize on a schedule. I have loved using your product! My skin looks healthy and nourished! And best of all it lasts all day! For once my new addiction is something that's good for me!"

Jill Waiters

"I wanted to share with all of you my review of a product created by Canetha Amour-Porter called Amour Your Body. Before I approve any posts from others or talk about any products myself I have always personally tested or experienced them myself. Mrs. Porter agreed to send me a sample & I was impressed with how promptly she did so and the packaging was extremely nice. I like little touches and there were quite a few details that made the item look beautiful. The product is for eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis but I could tell by all the great oils in it that it could probably help with many other things. I see on the facebook page that it does have a longer list of conditions that this light, airy whipped texture body cream can help with. I have really dry skin especially my feet & am always looking for something that helps with my natural hair. I tried the sample & on day 1 or 2 decided I wanted to order two additional. I usually have cracks & red blisters on my feet they stay so dry. I liked how this body cream immediately was absorbed & didnt just coat the skin. I also applied it to my hair (not scalp) & noticed that my shedding on wash day was reduced in half. That is huge because I usually have to grab a few palm size handfuls out of the drain. I really am impressed & look forward to finding more uses & solutions. I have attached a few pictures also. Thank you so much Mrs. Porter for creating this product & I am so proud of you."

Timmonica Wilkins

"I have been suffering with eczema on my hands for several years. I get these small clear blisters all over my hands and sometimes it spreads under my nails and I end up loosing a nail. At first they itch and then the pain comes when the blisters start to dry.When they start to dry out my skin starts to crack and bleed. Now normally my flair ups start in the spring and the begining of the fall. I have tried otc meds and rx meds. I have been using this cream for 3 weeks now and I have not had a flair up. Not only have I had no flair ups but my nails are growing. I have never had my nails grow naturally. I am so excited that this cream works. I recommend this cream to everyone that has a skin issue. You have a client in me. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try this amazing product. It really works..."

Tracy Ballinger

"This is an awesome product!!! Anyone with skin issues this is an awesome body cream to use. I got the unscented one, it had all natural smells from the ingredients which I really love, reminds me of the Renaissance Festival scents�. It soaks into the skin really fast, you dont need a lot which is awesome. It is soooooo light feeling when applying kind of like whipped cream, it’s so fluffy!!! 
I use it on my face before bedtime and love it not oily feeling or anything.
I can’t wait to try the scented ones too. It is an awesome gift to give a friend also. Love The packaging."

Anna Bregin

"I let my face marinate in its goodness over night. When 34 hit my skin was like you never loved me, I will fail you hahaha. Thank God your line came out! People don't think I'm any older than 24 now!"

Natalie Davis

"I was at a networking meeting and after Canethas introduction. I said can you help with this. I opened my hand to the worse case of ezcema- Red itchy and bleedy.. I was offered a sample and have only been using it for less than 8 hours and I can tell a difference already. Thank you so much"

Lynn Karnes

"Yesterday I had a massage, the Masseuse placed oil on my back and start massaging and it felt cool but yet had a warm sensation. The more she massaged my back the experience of the warm sensation along with the coolness made the massage more amazing. I asked about the oil her response: do you like it, it's your daughter's! Thanks Canetha for making my massage more amazing!"

Katherine Jordan

"I absolutely love it! I tried it from a friend while traveling and instantly knew I had to have it! My scent is lemon euculyptus and I want more! I am dabbing it on all of my friends like 'try this it's amazing!' I have psoriasis that peeps it's ugliness out from under my hair and on to my forehead and so I have been using this on my face too and crazy but those awful spots went away!"

Jennifer Reusser

Thanks again for the body butter!! This is the only product that I've used that keeps my eczema under control and non-existent. And the scent..... Unbelievable! Whenever I run out , I definitely notice a decline with my skin. This butter is by far the best thing I've ever used. I'm sold for life!


"The eczema cream is WONDERFUL! I was given some as a sample, and it helped my eczema IMMEDIATELY! For the first night in a while I had no itching, and the relief has lasted all day today. Highly recommend your product!"

Beverly Reeve Patterson

"This product is really WONDERFUL. I recently purchased the body butters in both the Original and Clean scents. The other benefit was that the proprietor offered to create a custom scent of my liking! That was an added and rare incentive! What I found fascinating was that I could lather it on after a morning bath and how it continued to cling to my skin throughout the entire day. My skin remained soft and smooth by bedtime, as well! Also, using the butter as a hair mask when conditioning gave my hair volume and left it so soft! That's awesome considering that many products have an adverse or hardening effects on African American hair. So whether it's for your epidermis or mane, you'll love Amour Your Body! It's great to use something that is chemical free and simply natural!"

Della Howard-Irving

"I just tried Amour Your Body Butter for the first time...all I can say is WOW! I have not found a product that is so light but had continuous moisture. I love everything about it, made my skin hydrated, silky smooth, loved the texture, the scent and that it was natural and oh so good for your skin! I need to order this by the vat full. I do not want to be with out this wonderful product. You can tell this body butter was handcrafted with LOVE! You have a forever customer!"

Rita Gorski Van Scyoc

"This body butter is absolutely amazing! I have acne on my back and have suffered through scratching fits for years. I didn't know that it was possible for me to have total relief until now! I am completely hooked. Let me encourage you, TRY IT! You will NOT regret it!"

Ian Watts

“I just love the Amour Your Body Body Butter. My husband and I were so excited to get our full size “tub” today. Can’t wait to use it, especially since we had run out of our sample size. We are very particular about what we put on and in our body, and as someone who makes her own body butter, I can tell you Amour’s is among the best—deliciously luxurious. It’s so silky and gives excellent moisturizing coverage all day long without being oily. Win-win! We got the Lemongrass version and it smells heavenly, but not too fragrant as to give us a headache. We absolutely love it. Treat yourself to some of this buttery gold!”

The McDonalds, Woodbridge, VA

"I need to replenish my supply!…This butter is THE TRUTH! It passed the ultimate test…my 4 year old’s knees were the same color when he came home from school today as they were when he left the house this morning." #winning #grayisnotcute

Gloria Raines

"I was bitten by a bug multiple times while cutting my grass, but I didn't know it until I woke up the next morning itching. I tried the body butter on it and was surprised at how it soothed the itching. This is an amazing product."

Germando Jordan

"Love Love Love this amazing product!! I am a licensed massage therapist and I now use this product on many of my clients with sensitive skin, they are amazed and how smooth it feels, it also nourishes the skin issues they may have when they come in for their massage!! Many amazing fragrances to choose from as well, beautiful product!!"

Michelle Murphy / BodyMax Massage

"I absolutely love the silky smoothness of amour body butter! It helps my psoriasis from itching and flaking and leaves my skin well moisturized! Thank you, amour your body!"


"I have combination skin, meaning some parts of my face get really dry at times. And I started to use this and it helps moisturize those parts of my face and it has improved my skin a lot! Also a little goes a long way. I have been using it for 3 months now and I still have half a jar left" ?

Alexandria Amour

"My skin is so in LOVE!!?…now if I can get my co-workers out of my jar lol. It’s in the Name! Your skin will love it!"

Chantal Whitman

"I love this product, i used it for my son eczema and for me too. i loved the smell and the finish texture on my skin. works perfectly in very dry heels" ?

Tatiana Mcausland / The No Renter Left Behind Movement

"I took the Amour your body butter to Mexico and used it on my skin after being in the sun!! I didn’t peel and it also relieved the sunburn on my shoulders!! The burn just faded in one day as a tan!! Love this product!!"

Therese Bosek Ercolani

"I’m super addicted to this body butter. I have lavender, and the lemon and eucalyptus. As a baker I wash my hands a lot. This helps keep my hands from cracking and I don’t have to keep reapplying it constantly. My husband has recently discovered it and is using it now too every day. Amazing stuff!"

Erika Helwig

"I AM LOVING THE BODY CREAM! The smell is fantastic and a little goes a long way. It melts beautifully into your skin and easily lasts all day. My skin is pretty resilient, but my daughter gets rashes, bites and redness all the time. I used the cream on a rash that she got out of nowhere and it healed in no time! Miracle cream! You have to try it!"

Chelsea Elisa

"So I have been using this product on specific areas of my body. With Fall season here, and Winter approaching, my eczema flares up this time of year. I stopped using steroid medicines a long time ago, and it is difficult to find creams that truly work. What I love about this product is it is clearing up spots that I have had for a long time. It doesn’t burn when I apply it to the area. It is not greasy, smells wonderful! Plus Organic! This is a Win all the way around. I am going to try this also as a deep conditioner in my hair! Can’t wait to see those results as well! Love this product!"


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